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an interview, and other such

back to school, in full force! I've done my self-required three hours of studying every day so far, so hopefully I can keep that up. I really want the marks this year, as opposed to last year where I mainly wanted to have fun... (but hopefully I can have some of that too).

this year, I'm taking intro to buddhism, japanese, japanese cinema, approaches to east asia, animal physiology and children's literature. it's a nice spread, and I'm really excited about it, but it's 22 hours of class a week and it's a lot of work. but I will persevere!

onto the interview meme, with questions courtesy of monkeyman.
1* Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”

2* I will respond by asking you 5 questions of a very personal nature.

3* You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.

4* You will include this and an offer to interview someone else in the post.

5* When others comment asking to be interviewed you will ask them 5 questions.

1. Do you ever wish you had grown up in a small town instead of a city, and if so why?
God no! Never, never. My more-Canadian friends often make fun of me because I'm so attached to city life in general and Toronto in particular. It's all well and good to live in nature for a week or so, or visit little boroughs, but I'm also perfectly happy in summers like this one where I don't step foot outside of Toronto. The big city is a beautiful thing; endlessly interesting, explorable, non-judgemental, where you can blend in anonymously if you want and stand out if you don't, and you can always find like minds. Not to mention good food. My mother, from India, always exalts how significant community was to her when she was growing up, but I'd find that kind of environment suffocating—yes, there's support and familiarity, but the guilt and constraints and gossip are too much (I get enough of that in school!). Even she, however, couldn't live outside a big city and has said so many times.

2. What writer or musician do you wish you could love, but you really can't stand?
Steve Erikson. His stuff seems quite interesting, and some of my smartest friends adore his work, but I find it as dull as all heck.

3. Why are zombies so damn popular?
I could give the standard academic answer and talk about how they feed into modern-day fears about isolation and consumerism and helplessness etc. etc., but really, I think it's because they offer something for everyone who indulges in horror; kitsch and gore if you want it, pitch-perfect dread if you want it, angst and deep questioning of what it means to be alive if you want it. They're a great tool, and I think no matter how funny people find them, and zombies ARE funny, they never stop being scary—that scary/funny thing is certainly what keeps me coming back.

4. How much would someone have to offer you to stop reading for a year? Writing for a year (yes, including NaNo).
Reading for a year, assuming I could still read what was required for my classes and such, maybe not an obscene amount because it would give me more time to write. Writing for a year, enough money to live on for the next ten years so that I could be a full-time writer in the years thereafter. Could I do it, though?

5. Speaking of NaNo, do you think you're going to burn out on that whole scene early since you started when you were awfully young? What about writing in general?
Yeah, I was young—13 I think?—but those early NaNo experiences taught me more than who I was as a writer, they taught me that writing was something I wanted to do in the first place! I never wrote much before NaNo, and now it's my favourite thing in the world. This is why I'll never burn out on writing in general, fingers crossed, because I find that my skills improve year by year and that excites me, and hopefully I can keep feeding off of that. My only enemy is time; I'm a full-time student, and a very studious one for whatever reason, and there's a constant struggle in me where when I'm writing I feel bad for not studying and vice-versa. Perhaps it'll resolve itself—I, perhaps foolishly, really really want to do NaNo again this year. Just with the timing of when I started NaNo, with University starting, it's difficult—but I can't imagine not doing it at all for the next four years! Or more! That's absurd!
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