Andrew C. (yadoking) wrote,
Andrew C.

Scattered Thoughts

-Hellboy 2 is simply gorgeous. Pan's Labyrinth turned into an action movie with Ron Perlman and a gigantic budget.

-Starbucks has a healthy but kind of gross new drink called the Vivanno that they're hoping will save their company. We'll see.

-I'm reading "Out" by Natsuo Kirino now—a kind of feminist film noir where four women (one in her late 20s, one in her 30s, one in her 40s and one in her 50s) work the overnight shift at a bento-making factory, the youngest woman kills her abusive husband and the four have to work together to cover it up. It's really exciting, quite perverse, and a very different side of contemporary Japanese literature. I cannot, with good conscience, however, recommend her other book "Grotesque"—I read all almost-500 pages of it despite it making me almost physically ill sometimes and its memory is still kind of like a pool of black bile at the pit of my stomach. What a malevolent book.

-I realize now that since I'm moving back home this year I should probably get around to getting a current-gen system—or is my DS enough? Actually, I'm most tempted to just get a PS2. I've only owned Nintendo consoles before and would like to try some of the amazing stuff that the PS2 has got going for it—plus I can borrow the huge game libraries of my friends who are all fiddling with their current-gens now.

-There's a really good new Japanese restaurant at Dundas and McCaul (in the Village by the Grange) called Manpuku that serves Osaka-style udon soups and takoyaki and stuff like that—no sushi! Along with the Tokyo Grill at Yonge & Wellesley, it's the only Japanese restaurant I can think of where all the staff are Japanese and I can practice ordering food, hahaha.

-I just saw my first Extras episode yesterday and it was hilarious (the Kate Winslet one). Time to watch the rest!

-They actually played Joanna Newsom at my Starbucks today. Heck, I can come right out and say it: they tend to play music I really like. Though they have a bad habit of playing that horrendous new Alanis Morissette piano ballad again and again and again. It sucks! It really does! Everything about it grates on my nerves.

-Kerli has been described as a mixture of Björk, Amy Lee and Natasha Bedingfield. I should probably have expected that she wasn't very good.

-Damn it I want to read the House of Leaves. Wish I had more time.

-I'm thinking of writing a short story about three demons called the Coincidentist, Charmglutton and the Gruelocrat (rule by gruel!). I think I'll do that now.
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