Andrew C. (yadoking) wrote,
Andrew C.

now THAT was a meal.

just emerged from one of the most bizarre and wonderful meals of my life, with my father and two of his friends. it started off standard-like, and then went off the deep end.

1. alla oglio pepperoncino spaghetti (spaghetti with olive oil and black pepper and parmigiano and some sundried tomato and chili flakes)
2. salad — lettuce with extra virgin olive oil, lemon, feta, oregano, green and black olives, cherries, salt and black pepper.
3. two (illegal) unpasteurized french cheeses, including the king of raw-milk french cheese, the "epoisse" (there's a chapter about it in a book I have on forbidden food called "the devil's picnic"—apparently it's against the law to take it on the subway in paris), with fresh baguette and purple walnut bread, along with 1990 chambolle-musigny red wine (almost as old as me!).
4. chilled hungarian sour cherry soup the colour of cherry blossoms, with both black and sour cherries, cream, some sugar (actually splenda, for my father), some cinnamon, sweet whole red pepper (not the vegetable, the spice) from istanbul, and a dash of kirschwasser, with 86-proof hungarian aprictor liquor on the side.
5. durian, the indonesian fruit known for smelling like rotten onions and gasoline, but tastes like ice cream with a subtle flavour entirely unlike any other fruit.

of course, it was all fantastic. I'm so happy right now.
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