Andrew C. (yadoking) wrote,
Andrew C.

"I'm a very good driver" "NO YOU'RE NOT"*

*As said by Delirium in Sandman: Brief Lives, of course.

Just came back from my very first driving lesson (and first time behind the wheel)! I have a ridiculous teacher but his methods certainly work. Short Indian guy, speaks the same dialect of Bengali as my mother, which means my sister understood him, and I certainly don't. That's okay, he spoke English.

Except he spoke on the cellphone for the entire first half of the lesson. "Turn left here. Indicator," he said quickly, as I turned for the first time and managed to figure out where the indicator was.

And then the rain started! Pooouring. Couldn't see anything. It was really kind of awesome. My stopping quickly got a lot more smooth, and my blind-spot checking a lot more natural. We spent a whole sidestreet practicing my hand-over hand. Left, right, left, right, about 30 times. And it worked, because my turns got much better after that. A bit wide, but I worked on that.

And then he decided I was ready for a main street, so I managed to do a left turn when I got an opening, and drove along Main St. to the subway station in the pouring rain.

It was so frickin' fun! I love driving. And my teacher is great, and he trusted me which made me a lot more confident. If anyone had told me my first lesson would actually be on rain-slicked major street with other cars and traffic lights and not just around a parking lot I'd have been terrified, but right now I'm just exhilirated and awaiting tomorrow's lesson.

Hand over hand! Hand over hand!
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