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Night Snow at Kambara

First goddamn snow of the season. Bliss! Bliss!
I downloaded the Okami soundtrack. Not that I've ever played the game beyond watching a few boss fights—but the score is absolutely fantastic. Half Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, half Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon (my favourite video game soundtrack ever that may just be dethroned) and half again Secret of Mana (my second favourite video game soundtrack!). It's rather perfect. Ethereal and wispy using traditional Japanese instruments, but when the battles kick in the taiko drums are awesome. What elevates it beyond Asian-esque New Age music is the richness in composition and the use of VERY traditional instruments—I'm talking the court instruments used in gagaku, like the shakuhachi. The use of the sho in particular is astonishing! Sho is one my favourite instruments by far! It sounds like swimming through arctic water.

I wish I had candy?

There's a website called the "Twilight Princess Calculator," where you enter in what you've accomplished in the new Zelda game and they tell you how much you've completed. Apparently I'm at 37%, which is amazing—so much left to do, yay! The last dungeon was spectacular. A Yeti's mansion! With soup! Soup!

Quick meme: Randomize playlist/iPod/whatever; what do the first ten songs remind you of?

1. Mirah—Nobody Has To Stay
This reminds me of the summer before last. It also reminds me of a Moroccan cafe I went to once. And Jorane.

2. Björk—Aurora
This was one of my first Björk songs. It reminds me of being in Europe in 2003—it basically reminds me of me just starting to be a teenager, too. It's uncomfortably emotional.

3. James Newton Howard—The Shed Not To Be Used
Though this is from "The Village," it does NOT remind me of that fucking movie. It reminds me, however, of some amazing Dark Ages: Fae sessions we had—traipsing through the snowy forests, finding the shadows within!!

4. Nobuo Uematsu—The Serpent Trench
Definitely one of the most evocative tracks from FF6—it never fails to give me a sense of excitement, of bizarre adventure—I remember the spring of 2003, staring at the pixellated travelling graphics, the "waterfall." Damn it was a good game.

5. Wang Li—Sing Sing Suo
This reminds me of the beginning of S5 (grade 11), where every other week I would go to the library and take out a random Chinese CD. This is my favourite—he's an awesome Guzheng player. It reminds me of wet winter and fall days, of my failed NaNoWriMo attempt, of a strange sense of independence that came over me that year.

6. Madonna—Revenge
Project Runway, season 2. I listen to it on repeat during the period I was obsessed with that show. Last winter, basically—it was the winter of Runway, hahaha.

7. Norah Jones—The Long Day Is Over
M3. (Grade 9.) Far too much homework, but immaculately happy nevertheless. Though I always imagine her singing it at the end of a show, all covered in sweat. Ummm.

8. The Fiery Furances—Birdie Brain
M4 (Grade 11). Math class. Maria and Gillian. My sister. Jane Austen.

9. We Love Katamari—Houston
Spending time with Asher. Sleepovers at Emil's. Delicious social videogame fun!

10. The Rent Soundtrack—Will I
Oh goddamn. This year, this fall and winter, most definitely. Uhhh my sister who played the soundtrack everyday for three months. Carol, who got it stuck in my head on Thursday. Kate, too. All the musical people. The satisfied smug smirk on every damn character's face, and how this is the only moment where the spotlight is off them for a change and is thus actually affecting.
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